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High strength Nylon wheel

High strength Nylon wheel
Material: various plastic material including ABS, AS, PA, PP
1). Material: various plastic material including ABS, AS, PPS, PP, POM, EVA, PC, PA, PMMA, PS, TPE, TPU, TPR and other injected plastic material.
2). Process: plastic injection molding
3). Finish: vacuum plating, electroplating, painting, printing, texture and more
4). Machines: different injection machines to meet your needs of manufacturing different products
5). Professional team: experienced engineers, strict QCs, skilled mould makers, trained product workers excellent management with over 15 years' experience in engineering design, plastic mould and injection moulding, plastic part production and assembly
6). Application: all kinds of plastic injection parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial use and more
7). Packaging: inner packing--polythene bags, outer packing--paper cases suitable for transportation by air or sea
8). Competitive price, good quality, timely delivery and professional service