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Channel strut clamp

Item No.: MT-CSS-01
1) Material: Steel
2) Finish: Zinc plated
3) EMT conduit clamp is designed for use in channels to fit electrical conduits, especially for electrical metallic tubing
4) Size: 1/2" up to 6"

Material:Carbon steel/SS304/SS316/Aluminum/Copper
Finised :Electro-galvanized/Yellow zinc/HDG
Cushion:With PE Sleeve(PP+PDE)

Strut clamp : the industry -established method of supporting copper refrigerant pipe is the channel mounted cushion clamp,Ideal for multiple pipe runs,the polymer insert absorbs shock and vibration ,reduces noise and prevents galvanic corrosion .

1) Stud Securely fastened to one clamp half.
2) Nylon insert nut assures a positive lock .
3) withstands effects of most oil ,chemicals,and industrial cleaners,in temperatures from -25 to +125 degree .
4) Available size from 1/4" - 6"